Paper Mache Mixed Media Heart Tutorial

Article By Alice

Love to make a mess and try out mixed media? Have  a go at these hearty ornaments. 


Things you will need:

Newspaper cut into strips

Packaging material (or more paper)

Card board

Heart cutter/stencil

PVA glue



Paper mache paste:

Mix in a bowl; plain flour, water and a little salt till mixture is easy to stir and paste like.

How to make 3d paper hearts

1.Place heart stencil onto card and draw around them till you have two for every heart you want to make.

2.Tear off pieces of packaging material and scrunch them, with glue stick them onto one heart, till heart is covered.

3.Spread glue onto the second heart and press onto the first heart.

4.Take a strip of newspaper and spread the paper mache mixture on with a spoon, spread more evenly with fingers.

5.Place strips on and around the card board heart, till covered. Add more layers for a thicker heart.

6.Leave hearts to dry for most of the day or overnight, turning occasionally.

7.When dry, it’s really up to you what you want to add to them! I added; acrylic paints, thread, buttons, paper and material scraps.

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